Motivation for personal goal setting and performance

Kick start your motivation


A hungry dog hunts best, a hungrier dog hunts better.

(Norman Ralph Augustine | U.S. Aerospace Businessman)


The truth is that motivation will nearly always trump mere talent. Fact. And there are times when we all need a kick in the pants. Knowing what is one thing, knowing how is another. 

As a sportsperson Belinda knows what it's like to lose the drive, and its the same in business. She's got the stories and can share a wealth of expertise on how to find your why, and get moving. 

Motivation is not discipline. Motivation feels really great, it’s exciting and structured. All at once. 

Knowing how to ignite your passion, and put the rubber to the road is what separates the dreamers from the do-ers. Motivation is what gets your goals off the ground. Too often we are faced with inexplicable procrastination, and roadblocks. 

We'll help you:

  •  Influence and drive your levels of motivation
  • Champion your vision
  •  Visualise and believe. Not hippy drippy imaging stuff, proper intense visualisation
  • (And other strategies that work)
  • Stay on track
  • Own and measure your progress
  • Goal setting and personal goal setting

We'll help you start and stay motivated. Full accountability. No excuses. 

Motivation comes in personalised packages of you finding out what makes you tick. Because there are times when we all need to light the afterburners. 

Winning isn't everything, but wanting to win is. 
(Vince Lombardi | American Football Player, Coach and Executive)