I know, no-one does this...

But lets face it, I'm in business and so are you. Transparency is awesome! 

Heres the skinny....

Performance Coaching

Telephone or video calls

Casual             $475 hr

Intro package   $995 for 3 sessions

8 sessions        $2395 NZD - $300 hr

12 sessions       $3295 NZD - $275 hr

Executive coaching has a base rate of $425 hr

On-going coaching and face to face coaching - let's talk

Yes - I love to work on a retainer basis

All prices are plus GST for New Zealand residents

Sessions are 1 hour, unless we arrange otherwise

Team coaching, facilitation and training

Half day         $3000 NZD

Full day          $5000 NZD

Travel, accommodation and disbursements

I keep these as practical as possible #I'mNoPrincess


This is where we work magic and agree on what suits

The good stuff

Charging what I'm worth means that I can do pro-bono work where its needed

I do pro-bono work for